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Calligrapher: Gen Miyamura
The calligrapher Gen Miyamura writes the Chinese character of “One” in a bold stroke on the panel covered by grass paper. Every single piece is the one-and-only artwork because each stroke belongs to the moment it is born.


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Miyamura is a calligrapher of the avant-garde style to boldly interpret the aesthetics of calligraphy. His daring works emit overwhelming vigor. The original “One” was displayed at Ambiente in Germany and was hugely successful.
The base material is the grass paper covered by pure gold leaves, finished by the same technique for folding screens. It is light-weighted and perfectly easy to hang on the wall.

Unprecedented brilliance stately accentuates the space.
“One” sits powerfully and boldly over the sophisticated brilliance of gold leaves. This Art Panel demonstrates the essence of artistic spirit of the calligrapher Gen Miyamura.
The base of gold leaves preserves the classy tradition nurtured in Kanazawa while connects the aesthetics of calligraphy by Gen Miyamura to the space it exists.


Handling Instructions

- Best to avoid direct sunlight for display/storage, or colors may fade or change.

- Use the enclosed gloves when you display the product.

- Display/storage in conditions of high ambient temperature/humidity and that of extremely low ambient humidity may damage the product.

- Do not touch the product with wet hands.

- The base structure is made of paper. Handle carefully to avoid breakage.

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