Art Panel - Paulownia 【Free Shipping】

This Art Panel is inspired by the Kyo-Karakami paper.
This refreshing motif of plant swaying in the wind is depicted in a stylishly simple fashion by the “heaped up leaf” technique using two different types of Kanazawa brass leaves. Perfect for Japanese as well as Western décor, this art piece gives the gorgeous accentual touch to your room.


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Among the traditional patterns of Karakami paper, this piece uses “paulownia” as its motif. In ancient China, Chinese phoenix is believed to bless the arrival of the king and lives on a “paulownia” tree. Hence, “paulownia” is considered as the noble plant. After the pattern has been brought to Japan, only the nobles including the Imperial Family are allowed to use it.

Made true to the traditional Karakami production method, this Art Panel has the combination of dynamic and delicate strokes just like woodblock prints yet is finished in the very minimalistic style. Perfect to accentuate your modern interior décor.

Feel the tradition blessed with the elegance and class.
The paulownia pattern is the secondary crest of the Imperial Family, and is of exclusive status.
Paying meticulous attention to the finest details, this artwork adds the touch of glamor with the stately class.


Handling Instructions

- Best to avoid direct sunlight for display/storage, or colors may fade or change.

- Use the enclosed gloves when you display the product.

- Display/storage in conditions of high ambient temperature/humidity and that of extremely low ambient humidity may damage the product.

- Do not touch the product with wet hands.

- The base structure is made of paper. Handle carefully to avoid breakage.

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