Kanazawa Gold Leaf Folding Fan: Kaigetsu 【Free Shipping】

A folding fan entirely crafted by artisans. Gold leaf is attached by the scattering technique: gold leaf is pounded to stretch it thinly, then cut into small pieces, and attached to the folding fan as though scattering the pieces. Originally used for traditional items like folding screens, our artisans applied this technique to folding fans.Kaigetsu (Moon Over The Sea) is a folding fan with a bold and powerful design of a moon reflection over the sea expressed with gold leaf. The back side features a gradation as gorgeous as dawn.

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The production of Japanese handheld folding fans involves more than 20 processes. In the case of Kyoto folding fans (kyo-sensu), each process is performed by professionals of that particular process since all processes are specialized. Since we use Kyoto folding fans, even today our folding fans are entirely handmade.

In addition, all products of our Kanazawa Gold Leaf Folding Fan series are entirely made of Japanese paper and fan frames produced in Japan. Each folding fan speaks of the sound quality of Japanese products and the superb skills of folding fan artisans and gold/silver leaf artisans.

Each folding fan is decorated by the dosa adhesion technique using a special adhesive called nikawa (animal glue).

When creating folding fans with designs using large pieces of gold/silver leaf, it is very difficult to employ this traditional production method. Our recently launched Kanazawa Gold Leaf Folding Fan is a completely new folding fan simultaneously featuring modern gold/silver leaf designs and traditional techniques. As gold/silver leaf is attached by hand, each and every fan has a unique, one-of-a-kind design.

Each fan comes in a paulownia gift box. This product is perfect not only as a specially selected item to keep for yourself but also as a gift for someone special.

Size: 220×25×10mm

Weight: 24g

Materials: Japanese paper, bamboo, Kanazawa gold leaf

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