Boys’ Day Doll: Kongo Doll (Lacquer) with Special Storage Box From Japan

The golden armor glowing with its noble beauty looks gorgeous against the reddish urushi lacquer-coated folding screen featuring Kanazawa gold leaf and a raised maki-e* design of irises and wisteria flowers.

Comes with an imposing yet warm display stand finished with a reddish urushi lacquer coat.

While maintaining the traditional style, we designed this display stand to turn into a storage box when the lid is opened, making it easy for you to store the doll safely. While following tradition, we also creatively adjusted the stand to fit our modern lifestyle.

* Maki-e: A set of techniques for decorating mainly lacquerware using mainly gold/silver powder, ultra-thin gold/silver pieces, tiny seashell pieces, and lacquer.

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[Boys’ Day Dolls]

The role of Japanese armor was to protect samurai warriors. This spirit of protection has been carried on through generations as the wish to protect baby boys against misfortune. As a protective charm, the dolls as well as miniature samurai armor and helmets displayed for the Boys’ Day carry the wish of parents praying for the safety of their children

[Instructions and Cautions]

・Do not store in direct sunlight as direct sunlight may cause deformation or discoloration.

・Store in a cool, dry place.

・When using insect-repellent packets/balls for storage, use those for dolls (products that do not contain camphor).  The product may be damaged if insect-repellent products for clothing are used.

・Following the instructions of the insect-repellent product, use the appropriate amount.  The doll is more likely to be damaged when a large amount of insect-repellent packets/balls is used.

・Use only one insect-repellent type.

・Do not place insect-repellent packets/balls directly against the doll or its accessories.

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