The cosmetics with extract of cherry blossoms that represent Japan.

Originally, it was spring limited products, however it's famous for overseas customers, and it's been decided that we sale throughout the year! It’s subtly scented with cherry blossoms. 

Moisturizer Cream colored pink.

The toning agent of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) and wild thyme extract prevent the rough skin and Yoshino Cherry extract (Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract) moisturizes to leave your skin fine-textured and well-moisturized.

This moisturizer cream is colorant free, and colored pink by the cyanocobalamin (toning agent).

Lotion with brighty gold leaf (*1) and petal-shaped gel (*2).

Carefully selected ingredients of botanical origin tone your skin and leave radiant and well-moisturized.

The light texture and subtle scent of cherry blossoms give you the soothing skin care experience.

*1 Moisturizing agent *2 The petal-shaped gel is basically made up with calcium alginate (moisturizing/toning agent). Not real flower petals 

The three-dimensional sheet fits tightly to your face.

There is no problem that the sheet peels off, and it fits well up to the nose and chin.

It’s the sake lees extract enhance the natural power of the skin.