Gold Leaf for Beauty

Gold Leaf for Beauty

Now, the “gold leaf treatment” is a staple at fine spas and high-end treatment packages at hotels. It requires the skills of professional spa technicians to handle gold leaves because they are very thin and sensitive. HAKUICHI offers a wide range of user-friendly products for the gold leaf treatment that everybody can introduce in her daily skin care regimen.

Point 01
Using 24K Pure Gold Leaf of 99.99% Purity
Just like cosmetics, gold leaves for beauty care sit directly on your skin. That is why HAKUICHI chooses the high quality leaf of pure gold and platinum that are absolutely safe and comfortable to use. Pamper yourself with the gold leaf treatment, the famed beauty care technique widely offered at spas not only in Japan but also overseas.

Point 02
A Wide Range of Products to Choose from
If you feel hesitant to try out the gold leaf treatment, the small and handy “Trial Size” is your choice. For the special day, use the special “Gold Mask” to nourish your entire face. The usual “Gold Leaf for Beauty” comes in an economical large box - the perfect choice for your weekly care. Find the right one for your beauty care needs.

Point 03
Mounted on the Release Paper for the Ease of Use with Bare Hands
Gold leaves are extremely thin - one ten-thousandths of a millimeter. Normally, only the experienced craftsmen using the special bamboo tool can handle them. In order to make gold leaves user-friendly, HAKUICHI mounted gold leaves on the special release paper. Now, you can give the gold leaf treatment to your face and body easily with your bare hands.

Point 04
ISO9001 for Your Safety and Comfort
HAKUICHI’s factories are certified with ISO9001. And gold leaves for cosmetics is produced at the food-grade factory where the hygiene standard is as strict as medicine-grade. HAKUICHI offers the quality gold leaves that are safe enough to eat directly from our own factory so that our price remains reasonable without adding any intermediary costs.