Free EMS delivery.
We can ship your items within 4 business days after receiving cleared payment. Package arrives 5 to 10 days after processing (JST). We send you the tracking number after shipping. Please note that delivery may be delayed.

Merchandise Total*
Up to $20 Free
$20.01—50.00 Free
$50.01—100.00 Free
Over $100.00 Free

*before tax and additional charges

(Customs duties may apply depending on the quantity and amount of goods.)

Other shipping methods

Our products can be shipped by DHL(free shipping). If you would like us to ship your order by DHL, please let us know in the comments section after accepting the following conditions.

– It takes approximately 6 business days for the package to be delivered when your order is shipped by DHL.
– The customer is responsible for paying the customs duties and related costs.
– The trade condition is *EXW.

*EXW: Ex Works
Under this condition, the ownership of the goods is transferred from the seller to the buyer at the time when the seller hands over the goods to the buyer at the seller’s facility or any other location (workplace, factory, storage, etc.) specified by the seller. Accordingly, the seller is not responsible for loading the goods onto a package collection vehicle or completing the customs clearance process for importing the goods (even when this process is applied).



On the back of the packing slip enclosed with your order, please note the reason(s) for return and whether you wish to exchange the item(s) or receive a credit/refund (depending on the original form of payment). Enclose the return section of the packing slip with your item(s). Please use one of the return labels provided on the front of your packing slip to ensure proper return address and credit information.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for the processing of your return.