History of the HAKUICHI .
Towards the Birth of the Beauty of the Kanazawa Gold Leaf.
HAKUICHI was founded in 1975. Our founder, Kuniko Asano, overturned the old industry norms and started the production of the “Kanazawa Gold-leafed Craft” of the metal leaf manufacturer. Let us take you through the history of the metal leaf, growing from the supporting role to the leading role as the regional brand of the “Kanazawa Gold Leaf”, and that of the HAKUICHI, the founder of Kanazawa’s traditional craft of the “Kanazawa Gold-leafed Craft”.

“Kanazawa Gold-leafed Craft” and “Oil Blotting Paper”.
Two Traditions of Kanazawa Started at HAKUICHI.
Founded in 1975. Our history started when our founder, Kuniko Asano, developed the regional brand of the “Kanazawa Gold Leaf” out of metal leaves, mere supporting actors until then. The name “HAKUICHI” came from the fact that we were the first metal leaf manufacturer to produce the “Kanazawa Gold-leafed Craft”. And, we cannot forget oil blotting paper, known all over Japan now. The history of the “Oil Blotting Paper Made by the Gold Pounding Paper Production Method”, the popular and highest quality oil blotting paper, parallels our history. Noticing that the grass paper, the by-product of gold leaf production, is fondly used by maiko girls of Kyoto, we decided to specifically manufacture the “by-product” as the “oil blotting paper” and commercialized the first “Oil Blotting Paper Made by the Gold Pounding Paper Production Method” in Japan in 1976.
At first, both products were sold at department stores mainly in Tokyo but also nationwide. The sales of the “Kanazawa Gold-leafed Craft” and “Oil Blotting Paper” of HAKUICHI gradually grew over the course of our nationwide promotion.