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Items of Kanazawa Gold Leaf Kodaihaku Series. Featuring our original gold leaf called Kodaihaku, each item of this series shines uniquely. We developed this gorgeous Kanazawa gold leaf with a distinctive gradation using a special production method. This series has been continuously popular since our establishment.

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Size: Large

Demension: 230mm

Material: wood

Instructions: Do not put in a dishwasher or dish dryer. Do not put in a microwave.

Since Kodaihaku itself has several colors, there is no need for an elaborate design when decorating items with this gold leaf. The design of these plates leveraging the simple brilliance of Kodaihaku enables you to adorn your table with a modern table setting that also gives a feel of tradition. The plates can be used for any purpose that comes to your mind. For example, the large plate can be used for the main dish, salad or desserts while the small dish can be used for individually serving those items. * As Kodaihaku is an original rare gold leaf made by changing the color of the metal using a special production method, each sheet has a unique color combination and shines differently.

[Kodaihaku] Kodaihaku is an original Kanazawa gold leaf developed by Hakuichi. While conventional gold/silver leaf only has the color of the metal itself, we have changed the world of gold leaf by changing its color with a special production method. Kodaihaku is processed to have a gradation with its transition of color starting from the center of the gold leaf sheet. The area of Kodaihaku sheets that can be used is limited as they are processed in this special way. This makes the price of Kodaihaku higher than that of genuine gold leaf and increases its rarity value.

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