Have a Good Year by Increasing Your Luck!

For many of us, the global spread of COVID-19 has changed our ordinary life.

To brighten up your new daily life, we are now offering items that are said to bring good luck or said to be auspicious in Japan.

■ Maneki-neko


An auspicious item unique to Japan, Maneki-neko (literally “beckoning cat”) beckons good luck for you with an adorable gesture.

It is said that the origin of Maneki-neko is rooted in the culture of Edo (present-day Tokyo) townspeople that flourished during the Edo Period (1603 – 1868).

The figurine brings you different types of luck depending on which hand it is holding up.It is said that the one holding up its right hand brings in money and the one holding up its left hand attracts people.

Beckon good luck by placing the figurine at a position higher than people’s line of sight, facing toward the entrance.


Daikoku-sama is a god who carries a magic wishing mallet and a bag of good fortune.

Originally the god of battle, wealth, and netherworld, after being introduced to Japan, Daikoku-sama began to be regarded exclusively as a god of wealth who brings happiness, prosperity, and wealth.

His blessings are symbolized by his belongings, the magic wishing mallet and the bag of good fortune.

As the concept of “wealth” expanded over the years, Japanese people today believe that the blessings of Daikoku-sama include bountiful harvest, abundant catch of fish, promotion, and good luck.


Ebisu-sama is a god with a chubby face holding a fishing rod and carrying a red snapper under his arm.

Originally a patron of fishermen, Ebisu-sama eventually began to be regarded also as a god of successful business.

It is said that Ebisu-sama will bestow you good luck and wealth if you use your wisdom and work hard.

His blessings include successful business, abundant catch of fish and protection at sea, safe voyage, bountiful harvest as well as warding off bad luck and bringing good luck.

These figurines are all well-known good luck items in Japan.

Adorned with gold leaf and finished gorgeously, these items will brighten up your life.