Kinka Gold Moist Mask (3 Sheets) 【Free Shipping】

Formulated with the same nutrients* as KINKA GOLD NANO ESSENCE N, plus the “apple stem cell extract”, the white-hot hydrating agent of plant origin and taken from the rare breed of apple which resists aging.
Gives your skin bouncy elasticity, deep hydration and supple texture. (*1 Hydrating agents)

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Content : 3 sheets (23mL x 3), covers the whole face

Nutrients of KINKA GOLD NANO ESSENCE N All the efficacy of KINKA GOLD NANO ESSENCE N is concentrated in this beauty care mask.Plant placenta extracts including aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, pueraria thunbergiana root extract* and chlorella vulgaris extract* keep your skin healthy and well-hydrated. Your skin is now finely textured, bouncy and firm and beautifully smooth. (*Hydrating agents) For the Firm, Radiant and Finely Textured Skin Formulated with the white-hot plant ingredients of the “apple stem cell extract”, a hydrating agent taken from the rare breed of apple which resists aging and the skin-conditioning “thymus serpyllum extract”. Making your skin bouncy and firm as well as radiant and finely textured. 10-minute Intensive Care for the Firm and Translucent Skin Just take 10 minutes out of your busy daily schedule, and this anti-aging* mask turns your skin visibly beautiful. (*Adequate care for the sign of aging)

How to Use

[STEP 1] After cleansing, apply the lotion to condition the skin before using MOIST MASK.

[STEP 2] Remove the mask from the packet and place on your skin, aligning with the eyes and the mouth.

[STEP 3] To care the eye area, unfold two orifices to cover the eyes. Be extra careful to avoid the contact of the beauty essence with your eyes.

[STEP 4] Leave for 10 minutes and peel off the mask. The beauty essence remained on the face should be rubbed in with your fingers.

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