Moisturizing Mask

Have you been having more skin problems recently because of wearing face masks more frequently? The environment under the mask is hot and humid. When you take off a face mask, your skin is dehydrated because moisture suddenly evaporates.

Give your skin a moisture boost with a beauty mask developed in Japan! 

– KINKA Gold Moisturizing Mask

We’ve condensed an abundant amount of moisturizing components into this mask! Containing mainly botanical moisturizing components including aloe vera leaf extract*, kudzu root extract*, and chlorella extract*, this mask maintains moisture in your skin.
We also added two special botanical moisturizing components: apple stem cell extract, an extract of a rare apple called the miracle fruit that prevents wrinkles, and wild thyme extract, a skin toning component. This mask makes your skin firm and bouncy and turns your skin into smooth, glowing skin. (* moisturizing component)
We recommend adding this mask to your skincare routine before going to bed!

[STEP 1] After washing your face, tone your skin with skin lotion.
[STEP 2] Take out the mask from the package and open it up. Lay the mask on your face while using the openings for the eyes and your nose as a guide.
[STEP 3] When caring the skin around the eyes, place the folded part around your eyes while making sure that the liquid does not get into your eyes.
[STEP 4] Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes. Remove the mask and rub in the remaining lotion on your face into your skin.

– KINKA Gold 3D Moisturizing Mask Sakura: Set of Three

We’ve blended Japan’s signature flower sakura (cherry blossoms) into this moisturizing mask. Somei-yoshino leaf extract and satozakura flower extract contained in this mask increase your skin’s moisturizing ability and normalizes skin cell turnover. These extracts also turn your skin into smooth, beautiful skin.
In addition, the skin’s natural strength is enhanced by the mask’s rice lees extract and hydrolyzed collagen ferment extract. Fermented skincare is attracting great attention today not only in Japan but around the world.
Thick 3D sheet masks cannot be manufactured readily even in Japan. We have successfully created a mask that adheres to every part of the face so perfectly that it feels like the mask has been sealed onto your face. This feature enables the mask to stay on completely until you remove it and to cover even the area around the nostrils and below the chin.

[STEP 1] Rub the package gently so that the lotion thoroughly soaks into the sheet. Take out the mask and open it up into its 3D form by pulling the projecting parts on each side.
[STEP 2] Attach the mask to your forehead while paying attention to the positions of the openings for the eyes. Pull it horizontally and align the openings with the area around your eyes.
[STEP 3] Attach the mask to your nose and then toward your cheeks while letting the air out. Attach the rest of the mask while aligning it with your mouth and the area below your chin and pulling it horizontally.