The History of Oil Blotting Paper Started from Hakuichi

Oil blotting paper is a cosmetic Japanese paper sheet used for removing oil from the face.

Geigi performers of Kyoto and Kanazawa found haku-uchi-gami––Japanese paper used when pounding on gold leaf to stretch it––very useful as a tool for makeup touch-ups as it absorbed excess oil well.

Inspired by this paper, we became the first company in Japan to productize oil blotting paper produced by gold leaf pounding paper method.

■Product Features■

Do You Know This Great Skincare Tip!? Skincare with Oil Blotting Paper

Worried about pores and acne? Remove oil from your skin with oil blotting paper!

While some people claim that your skin becomes dry when you use oil blotting paper because too much oil is removed, in fact oil blotting paper never removes oil excessively.

◇ Our natural oil on the skin actually consists of two parts: liquid oil and waxy solid oil. The solid part coats the skin surface to protect our skin. Oil blotting paper removes only the liquid oil which easily oxidizes.

◇ Oil secreted on the skin surface oxidizes over time and transforms into irritants. According to experiment results, such irritants cause acne, skin aging, enlarged pores, and ultimately wrinkles and sagging skin.

◇ It is important to adequately remove oil from your skin to maintain beautiful skin.You may remove too much natural oil or damage your skin if you wash your face too many times during the day or use tissue paper and/or oil blotting paper with a low absorption rate. We recommend using soft oil blotting paper with a high absorption rate for oil control.

Produced by the Gold Leaf Pounding Paper Method, Our Oil Blotting Paper Satisfies Even Professionals

Developed for women’s soft skin, Hakuichi’s oil blotting paper instantly removes excess oil from the skin.

The product boasts a high absorption rate as it is entirely made of Manila hemp.

Ms. T, a beauty advisor, raves about our oil blotting paper! In addition to makeup touch-ups, this excellent product can also be used before applying makeup.

Since our oil blotting paper is made of natural Manila hemp, which is one of the raw materials of Japanese paper, it has a skin-friendly, soft texture and its long fibers make it less likely to tear.

We conduct patch testing so that consumers can use our oil blotting paper safely in a reliable manner. The skin irritation test results of this product fell within an extremely safe range.


Using Oil Blotting Paper for Its True Benefits! 

Many of the common oil blotting paper products made of pulp tend to make the users rub the sheet against their face because those products do not absorb oil very well.

Rubbing like this removes even the fresh, naturally produced oil the skin needs, causing dry skin.

In response to this, more natural oil is secreted to prevent dry skin, leading to a vicious cycle of excessive secretion.

Our oil blotting paper is a skin-friendly product as it enables users to remove excess oil just by gently pressing it against their skin.


◇ Removes only excess oil without messing up your foundation.

◇ Enables you to start applying makeup immediately after doing your skincare routine.

◇ Makes your skin silky smooth, leading to longer-lasting makeup with a beautiful finish.

◇ Enhances the colors and endurance of color-themed makeup.

◇ Prevents old, keratinized skin cells from accumulating while maintaining the skin’s moisture.