◆Plump and moisturize the skin around your eyes!◆

As we age, we become bothered by the wrinkles, sagginess, and dryness around the eyes.

Being that we have been wearing face masks more frequently, these days many people may be especially bothered by the condition of the skin around their eyes.

For those people, we recommend using eye gels specifically developed for the skin around the eyes.


The skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate; its thickness is about one-third of that of the skin on your cheeks.

Since its stratum corneum, which contains water, is thin and the level of sebum secretion in this area is lower than that of the skin on other parts of the body, the skin around the eyes tend to dry out.

Since a loss of firmness in this area is particularly visible, it is also important to take the time to care the skin around the eyes with a serum specifically developed for this area.

Today we’d like to introduce our popular eye gel!


Kinka Gold Eyegel 【Free Shipping】 $50.05


 [ Feature ]

Feature 1: Gold leaf firms and moisturizes your skin

The first and foremost reason for recommending our eye gel is that it contains gold leaf.

Gold leaf makes your skin firm, resilient, and supple by increasing your skin’s moisturizing ability.


Feature 2: Makes the skin around your eyes plump by firming it

Our eye gel contains the much-talked-about ingredient, Syn-Ake.

Syn-Ake relaxes and smooths wrinkles that have deepened and hardened over the years.

It is also effective in moisturizing the skin and caring for aging skin.

This eye gel also contains hydrolyzed hibiscus esculentus extract. Extracted from okra seeds, this ingredient works to smooth expression wrinkles and fine lines, and moisturizes your skin.

Swiftly penetrating into the stratum corneum, hydrolyzed hibiscus esculentus extract plumps and moisturizes the skin around your eyes.


Feature 3: A plant-derived ingredient makes the skin around your eyes resilient

Our eye gel contains a generous amount of a plant-derived ingredient that makes your skin supple and resilient, like that of a baby, by improving your skin texture.


The texture of this product is somewhat thick but being that it is a gel, it is dewy and stretches out smoothly when applied on the skin.

The product comes with a spatula for hygienic application.


[ Instructions ]


1. After washing your face, tone your skin with a lotion or serum before using this product.

2. Using the accompanying spatula, put a pearl-sized amount on your hand and then place the gel on the skin around both eyes with your finger.

3. Move your finger back and forth gently on the skin above and below the eyes. When applying to wrinkles, rub the gel deep into the grooves.

Special care


The effects of this eye gel are boosted when you use it together with Kinka Gold Gold Leaf For Beauty For The Eye area 【Free Shipping】!

Perfectly adhering to the skin, the Gold Leaf for Beauty locks the eye gel’s beauty ingredients into the skin so that they are fully absorbed into your skin.


We highly recommend trying our eye gel!

 Kinka Gold Eyegel 【Free Shipping】 $50.05