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This folding screen portraying the flowering plants in fall is based on the “Moon and Flowering Plants of Autumn” by Sakai Hoitsu.

Sakai Hoitsu is the renowned artist in late Edo era, and one of the leading masters of the Rinpa School. He has the reputation on his poetic painting style, taking full advantage of elegance of the Rinpa School, and is known as the founder of Edo Rinpa School.

Painter Sakai Hoitsu
A painter and haiku poet in late Edo era. Having tremendous respect to Ogata Korin, he is called the founder of the Edo Rimpa school. He studied the art first in the Kano school as he was from a samurai clan then under Utagawa Toyoharu of the ukiyo-e style, and created the hand-paintings of the beauty. His retirement into religion at the age of 37 was believed to be the reason for the artistic change.

Major works: “Autumn Flowers and Moon (managed by Tokyo National Museum)”, and “Flowering Plants of Summer (property of Tokyo National Museum)”.


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The original “Moon and Flowering Plants of Autumn” is drawn on the gold-colored silk. This artwork, on the other hand, uses the Blue Shell leaf, one of HAKUICHI’s proprietary colored metal leaves called Shikisai Haku, as the background to create the unique ambience that is different from the original work.

What are common to the original work are the leaves, balloonflowers, Japanese silver grass and yellow patrinia, moonlit in subtly greenish gold. Following Hoitsu’s style, they are portrayed with the complexly deep tones unique to Kanazawa Gold Leaf. Kudzu, exquisitely laid out with the moon at its back, gives the dynamism to the entire scene, which is another common element to the original work.

Shikisai Haku in the background has been pressed to the paper by the technique called Urabaku. In this technique, metal leaves are pressed over the high quality grass paper, which, in turn, is covered by silk gauze. It gives the gently matt texture which resembles the subtly misty air, showing beautifully the contrast of the moon light and the night sky by the subtle color and texture variation.

W1442×H1525×D20 mm

Handling Instructions

- Best to avoid direct sunlight for display/storage, or colors may fade or change.

- Use the enclosed gloves when you display the product.

- Display/storage in conditions of high ambient temperature/humidity and that of extremely low ambient humidity may damage the product.

- Do not touch the product with wet hands.

- The base structure is made of paper. Handle carefully to avoid breakage.

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