The Hidden Meaning of Gifts

Do you know the meaning of a gift of chopsticks?

Not only chopsticks but also many gifts have a hidden meaning.

So, what is the hidden meaning of chopsticks when they are given as a gift?

The hidden meaning is that chopsticks will serve as a bridge between people (hashiwatashi*), suggesting that the relationships of the people who are given chopsticks will become better, even better, and/or stronger.

Also, since chopsticks cannot be used when either one of the pair is lost and they are placed side by side, they represent a married couple with a hidden meaning of serving as a bridge to happiness.

Often chosen as a wedding gift, chopsticks are very popular celebration gifts.

Chopsticks are a perfect gift for someone special.

As the pandemic has made it difficult to visit family and friends, express your feelings by giving a special gift.

* Hashiwatashi (橋(箸)渡し): In Japanese, bridge and chopsticks are both hashi and watashi means to give (hand over) something to someone as well as to make an arrangement to move something/someone from one place to another. When hashi (bridge) and watashi are put together, hashiwatashi means to serve as a bridge.

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