Two-panel paired folding screens: Weeping Cherry Blossoms 【Free Shipping】

This is a folding screen with cherry blossoms made entirely of gold leaf.A special technique has been used to matt the gold leaf used for the background. In contrast, the cherry blossoms emit a strong shine that gives them a three-dimensional feel. The cherry blossom petals stand out from the background, giving the tree energy and movement.


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This is a folding screen with elegant weeping cherry blossoms, illustrated using gold leaf alone.

The metal leaf in the background is pressed onto the paper using a technique called omotebaku. For omotebaku, metal leaves are added on top of silk, which has been pasted onto a base made of torinokogami washi paper. The texture of the silk's bumpy surface provides a matte surface for the metal leaves, so that light can be reflected in a special way. This technique is used to create contrast with the pine tree.

On the other hand, the cherry blossoms emit a strong shine that makes them look almost three-dimensional. Special material has been used to create texture on the omotebaku paper for the depiction of the tree's texture, tree trunk, and the blooming blossoms. As only one shade of metal leaf is used, different textures are used to create the images. A brush has been used to carefully paste the metal leaves that form the weeping cherry blossom.

W1442×H1525×20mm/One of a pair

Handling Instructions

- Best to avoid direct sunlight for display/storage, or colors may fade or change.

- Use the enclosed gloves when you display the product.

- Display/storage in conditions of high ambient temperature/humidity and that of extremely low ambient humidity may damage the product.

- Do not touch the product with wet hands.

- The base structure is made of paper. Handle carefully to avoid breakage.

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